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Food Safety News

CDC's 2018 'Yellow Book' offers food safety advice for travelers

By News Desk

The CDC's 2018 edition of it's"Health Information for International Travel" guide is now available and accessible for free online. Often referred to simply as the "Yellow Book" for it’s yellow cover, the updated edition is also available in hard copy through online booksellers and Oxford University Press. The guide’s new edition features revisions, new sections,... Continue Reading

Freeze-dried hash with 3-decade shelf life recalled for rubber

By News Desk

After an employee reported finding pieces of rubber in beef hash produced by OFD Foods LLC, the Albany, OR, company recalled pouches of the freeze-dried hash, which has a 29-year shelf life. Less than 200 pounds of the Mountain House brand hash is implicated, according to the recall notice on the USDA's food Safety and... Continue Reading

Beef expert says Avila called, but wouldn't listen to BPI details

By News Desk

Video depositions are being heard during this second week of the $1.9 billion civil defamation trial in Elk Point, SD, that BPI hopes will cause the jury to believe ABC knew the reports it aired about lean finely textured beef being “pink slime” were not truthful. Beef Products Inc. sued ABC under the South Dakota... Continue Reading

Norovirus outbreak at Wisconsin kids' day was foodborne

By News Desk

Public health officials believe contaminated food caused a norovirus outbreak among dozens of people who attended an annual kids’ festival in Wisconsin, but they're still investigating. More than 60 people had symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, low-grade fever and fatigue for multiple days, after attending the 19th annual Special Kids Day festival at the North Wisconsin State... Continue Reading

Bread crumb supplier blames cross-contact for massive recalls

By Coral Beach

The multi-national corporation that produced cracker and bread crumbs implicated in massive food recalls in the U.S. and Canada says the problem wasn't a labeling issue, but a "cross-contact" situation. Newly Weds Foods Inc. is the ingredient supplier referenced but not named in multiple recalls posted in recent days on the FDA and USDA websites.... Continue Reading

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