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Getting Out of My Own Way
Week of 06/15/2017 - Featured Blog Post
Getting Out of My Own Way

I have come a long way on this healthy journey. That isn't bragging... the facts speak for themselves. If we go by weight loss results alone, then I could consider myself a success and leave it at that (I have been in maintenance for a while after all). But this journey is not just about weight loss for me. In fact, that is more like a side effect. It is more about uncovering hidden motivations, desires, emotions, patterns of behavior (both the healthy and unhealthy ones) and learning what serves me best, so that I can live my best, most authentic life, with the fewest regrets.

For the most part I think I am doing pretty well with this journey of discovery and growth, but there are setbacks along the way... though they more aptly should be considered learning experiences. With my mom's death, and my dad's health scare (and my own ongoing medical issues), my routine has been upended, and I have been struggling. This past weekend I let that devolve into a full blown pity party. But like all things, it is passing... the storm is breaking. I just needed to get some perspective, to get out of my own way, to make it not all about me, because it isn't!

But in order to get to that point I just kept doing the daily tasks that I have learned to do for a healthy lifestyle. I have been eating healthy, and walking the dog on his long walks. I have been making time for my dad and what he needs, but also making time for myself, and what I need to be sane and healthy. Oh my gosh... is this what it means to be an adult?! LOL.

Through consistent, dedicated effort I have created that new, healthier reality (with your help, of course!), and having sustained it for a number of years, my family and friends have come to believe I can continue to sustain it. More importantly, I am coming to believe I can sustain this for the long term. I just need to keep getting out of my own way!

What about you? Do you have trouble getting out of your own way?

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