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I've Found the Magical Weight Loss Formula
Week of 07/13/2017 - Featured Blog Post
I've Found the Magical Weight Loss Formula

I started my diet (again) on the 10th January, after being inspired by a friend who had lost five pounds in a week through a combination of exercise and diet. My aim was to lose a few pounds fast, and then for the weight to slowly come off. Having failed so many times by losing 10 pounds, putting it back on again, losing it again, putting it back on again, repeat, repeat, repeat for the last 10 years, I honestly didn't have much hope that I could do this.

I wish I could tell you what was different this time. I wish I could point to a magical moment, give you a magical formula or thought process that made the difference and would do it for you as well. But I'm sorry, I can't.

It's just that somewhere along the line, I began to enjoy the journey. Enjoy my slimmer body, the thinner face I saw in the mirror (and I started looking in the mirror instead of avoiding it!) I started to enjoy going to the gym, going for walks, eating healthily. I had blips - generally when I became ill (nothing serious, just a few colds which hung around) and my weight increased slightly, but I didn't give up.

I've now lost 30 pounds. Looking at my body, I have another 14-20 pounds to lose to get me to where I want to be. I've come this far, lost so much, so it's doable. Not easy, certainly - but doable.

The new, improved version of me enjoys trying on new clothes, enjoys going to the gym, walking, and has taken up running. I enjoy feeling in control of food intake and eating lots of healthy food, along with small amounts of unhealthy (I could never give up chocolate, cakes, crisps and ice cream entirely, I love them too much!)

I'm loving the journey. And perhaps that is the magical formula that makes the difference.

Have you found a way to love your weight loss journey?

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