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Do You Expect Progress or Perfection?
Week of 08/24/2017 - Featured Blog Post
Do You Expect Progress or Perfection?

I'm feeling really good about myself. Every time I meet one of my small goals, like taking the top bun off my burger or ordering a side salad instead of fries, it's a powerful feeling. Today, I ordered a single scoop of ice cream at the same time I ordered my lunch. If I had waited until after I ate, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have eaten the ice cream. I was full and satisfied.

There was no perfection. I was at a fast food restaurant and I ordered dessert, but the choices were an improvement over what I would have done in the past. Also, I was making note of what I could improve in the future.

Then I skipped a family bicycle ride. I had made a commitment to do the bicycle ride and let everyone down (especially myself).

Suddenly, I'm a failure. I wasn't making enough changes. I'm not making the necessary changes. I wasn't doing enough. I'm tempted to chuck it all, but I won't.

Back to my small goals:
No french fries or potato chips, make another choice for a side.
Eat a fruit and/or vegetable with every meal.
Eat my vegetables first to feel fuller.
Drink a glass of water before each meal.
Drink more water than diet soda.
Reduce my bread by one half.
Exercise 20 minutes each day.
Park farther away and walk.
Break your 12 hour fast with a healthy breakfast.
Journal 3 good things you've done each day.

What small ways can you measure progress today?

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