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I've Found the Key to My Weight Loss Success
Week of 08/10/2017 - Featured Blog Post
I've Found the Key to My Weight Loss Success

I am thriving through setting and meeting my daily small goals because I find myself succeeding every day, and it feels great to win. I remain accountable and motivated, never thinking I would enjoy a "small goals list", as I am the kind of gal who must "get 'er done" now. No, make that yesterday. My old lists consisted of mega goals, and I'd end up feeling pressure if my daily list wasn't all crossed out. What a silly concept, competing against myself.

Not anymore though, thanks to SparkPeople. SparkGuy's new team goal is to "set small goals and celebrate each one." This healthy thinking has transformed my old thinking. I am happy because I am always riding a positive wave, and when that old typical wrench is thrown into the works, it doesn't even make a dent.

What does small goal thinking look like? To apply this kind of thinking, I take one meal (not every meal for the whole day), just that one meal, and turn it into a win. I park a few blocks away from the store to create the need for a good walk. I take the stairs instead of the elevator, and laugh at myself for how disheveled my hair is after the 6th flight of steps. Truth is, I am laughing even more on a daily basis than before, accepting/tolerating more imperfections from myself and others. Totally cool, huh?

With small goals, it's all about participating, just showing up or simply visualizing the goal, and the health effects it will have on me! I am surrounded by hundreds of like-minded Sparkers who are also meeting their small goals. Their constant posts in the community are a powerful motivating factor in my day.

As the days pass, my vision gets clearer, big goals feel more attainable, I'm thinking more on my feet and my energy levels rise and stay steady. I am positive that before I know it, I'll look back and see big goal wins- all because of all of those small wins rolled together. Look out world, here I come!

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