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Small Wins Add Up to Big Success
Week of 08/17/2017 - Featured Blog Post
Small Wins Add Up to Big Success

As I've lost weight, lessened my girth and dropped fat, I've noticed a few things.

When I have to get up/stand up from the dinner table to get something from the kitchen, it is easier to slide my chair back, easier to lean forward, and easier to stand up. I don't think twice about getting up.

When I am on my knees on the floor and I have to get up, I don't need to find something to grab on to. It is nice, but not necessary.

The TV control now slips off of the "stomach porch" it used to reside on securely.

I can lean forward and see my pants zipper.

I am getting a more pronounced "turkey neck." Some of my wrinkle areas on my arms and legs are more wrinkled. Fat is a good filler.

When I look in the mirror sideways, I can see a rib shadow at the top of my deflating volleyball.

I have been making new belt holes and shortening my belt length. To keep my pants on I was really cinching up my belt. Today while shopping, I noticed that my belt wasn't super-cinched and my pants were riding and even hanging a bit on my hip bones and they didn't fall down! My fat gut wasn't pushing them down past my hip bones! As I pushed that cart, and that reality hit me, a tremendous feeling of accomplishment flowed through my soul. One of my long term pie-in-the-sky goals is to wear properly fitted pants without a belt and have them hang comfortably on my hips.

Life is good under 200.

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