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The Right Diet Plan Of HCG Allowed Food

By Elizabeth Kelly

Every passing day, a certain type of food is added or removed from a diet plan, however this is not the case for HCG allowed food which has remained constant over time. This type of diet has been advertised more than once as a good way to lose weight. Due to the diets low calorie content, an individual wanting to implement the plan requires a physicians supervision.

Women expecting children produce this HCG hormone in their bodies and therefore it is sometimes given to those finding it hard to conceive. As mentioned before, the hormone is also fine for individuals with a need to lose weight as it lowers excessive fats and appetite too. A pill, injection or intake of certain foods is a way through which the hormone can get into the body.

Lean proteins are the first forms of foods that provide the HCG hormone naturally and contains the highest calories in the diet. Examples of such lean proteins are; poultry, white meat and lean red meat. Seven ounces in size is the daily standard recommended consumption for one person. Some proteins contain fats, therefore it is advisable to remove any visible ones before preparing a meal.

Low calories vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates is the second form of meal to be taken in so as to lose weight and can be taken during lunch period or dinner. Examples of the vegetables include, tomatoes, celery, spinach, cucumbers and onions. The vegetables provide a great input of fiber and nutrients despite their low quantities.

Lastly, that diet can also be made better through adding flavorings in place of oil and some selected drinks as well. Some of the additives that act as flavorings include garlic, salt, mustard powder, pepper and vinegar. On the other hand, the recommended drinks include water, tea and coffee where the beverages need to have only a tablespoon of milk and should be unsweetened.

When under the diet, one is not allowed to consume any form of solid meal before lunch. Therefore, for breakfast, a person can only have tea or coffee that meet the standards set above. Lunch on the other hand, may contain a meal such as chicken breast that have been grilled along with vegetables like raw spinach and has to be around three and half ounces in size. Lastly, dinner should contain the same amount with varying proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits.

Some strong concerns have however been put forth regarding the hormone intake because of lack of evidence to support how it results in loss of weight. The diet does not contains the right amount of nutrients required daily for proper functioning. Furthermore, a very low intake of calories results in low levels of energy.

Negatively, the diet plan has some side effects which may be harmful such as emergence of ovarian cysts in women, breast enlargement in men and headaches. The hormone has also proven to be harmful for people suffering from heart and kidney related diseases. As a result, an individual needs to be under close watch of a physician during the entire process.

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