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Things To Teach In Disability Strengthening Videos

By Matthew Meyer

Every human being deserves fair treatment. The rights of different members of the society must be upheld, and any attempt to violate them must be treated with instant punishment. Some lessons for disability strengthening videos are discussed below and their emphasis nailed down.

The first thing that to emphasize in this type of videos is the consideration for the language used to when dealing with people with disabilities. The language has to be positive and building. It has to keep the personality of the client ahead of any incapacity. At any time there should be no reference to the nature of his or her infirmity as a way of identification. This should be nailed with emphasis.

There is a need to campaign for the respect of assistance devices of the concerned such as the clutches, wheel chairs, and communication boards. You have to insist that disrespect for the devices such as playing with them, moving them around and using against their will is bad. It could be hurting them and at the same time making them angry creating unnecessary emotional disturbances.

Time allocation for various activities concerning the subjects in the discussion must be well extended. They should not be harassed and rushed along to perform some particular tasks. They need an ample time, and a degree of tolerance is to be accentuated. There have to show patience with their way of doing things and encouragement to make them improve not killing their morale.

A course on assistance is very vital. Awareness must be made that these people have the creative power to do some things for themselves and therefore they have to be allowed to try them out. Constant help may annoy them and lock doors for improvement. Assistance should be administered at their request or when there is an absolute need to. This is very vital to help them grow and be innovative as well as creative.

Assumptions need to be discouraged in your lesson as much as possible. Looking at a person and making judgments must be highly condemned. Teach that they need to take a time to learn the concerned for the benefit of understanding their weaknesses since some deficiencies are hidden and not explicit such as difficulties in balancing and learning problems. Deliberate efforts should be applied to learn the individual needs, preferences, and abilities.

A lesson on how to interact with them when in doubt is made available. It is normal to get confused what they are up to and want at a particular given time. This needs understanding and direct requests for responses from them. They will be happy communicating their wishes than you deciding for them. Failure to observe these may create unfriendly interactions and can even lead to violations of their rights.

Lastly, there have to be proper considerations for these people so that their rights and wishes are not violated. This calls for an understanding of what they can get at various places and the way they should be treated in various positions and situations. Their rights and special treatment should be extended in the best way possible.

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