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Whether You Think You Can or Can't...
Week of 08/31/2017 - Featured Blog Post
Whether You Think You Can or Can't...

...either way, you're right.

This is about self-fulfilling prophecies, and how we talk to ourselves. My trainer told me a story last week, about being out running with a male companion. Both of them are very fit and they had an encounter on the trail with a woman in front of them that they were passing. As they were about to pass, the woman leapt completely off the trail, apologizing for being in their way. "I'm just an old cow," she said, "I'm 64 years old." She proceeded to talk herself down!

My trainer assured the woman that this was not the case, that she was miles ahead of everyone sitting on the couch, but then my trainer asked me, "Why do we need others to tell us these things? Why aren't we saying them to ourselves, encouraging ourselves?"

I don't know why, but there are times when it's true, when we feel intimidated by the fit, toned, healthy folks (at least to external appearances) around us, and somehow think of ourselves as "less than". This is true of models and athletes, as well as of ordinary Joes and Janes.

Thus the important role of the cheerleaders in our lives. The ones who remind us that "Yes, you can!" until we begin to believe it ourselves. So when you're muttering to yourself, remember that you should talk to yourself the same way you'd talk to your best friend, with encouragement positivity, love and kindness.

Thus the role of "acting as if" you think you can, even when you're not sure. Act as if until you believe until you achieve. Because if you act as if you cannot, you may not even try. And if you don't try, well, we all know where that gets us!

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