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Wonderful Motivation Technique

SparkPeopleHello from Sparkguy

Hi SparkFriends

I have three items for you today:

First, if you missed this announcement last week, we added an exciting new partner: Homer and Linda Hickam from "Rocket Boys" book/"October Sky" movie fame. Don't miss this one if you haven't seen it yet. Here is one of hundreds of comments welcoming them to the team:

Welcome Homer and Linda. I am a Special Education teacher in West Virginia and I show October Sky to my students every year. We talk about the importance of persistence and being willing to move forward from failures to succeed. Glad you're able to join us.

Please add a comment if you haven't yet. They told me they are so excited to see all the comments from SparkPeople members from all over the world.

Second, here is a recent lesson I published about one of my all-time favorite motivational techniques: using "streaks" to help reach your goals. Today is day 182 of my 10+ Fitness Minutes streak. The results of this streak have been incredible. To show you that streaks don't need to be daily, I'm also working on a percentage consistency streak for blogging. That one is at 117 of the past 125 days or 94%. Because of the importance of consistency in reaching goals, streaks really can change your life.

Third, here is a quick update on our SparkEarth/SparkAmerica/SparkPittsburgh project: Last week our partners in Pittsburgh held a kickoff event for the SparkPittsburgh Company Steps Challenge that starts on September 1. We even got amazing news coverage from WTAE/ABC-Pittsburgh on the evening news. We should be able to post video on the site that I will share with you soon. We've also started work on a project that will allow all of our members to participate in this challenge in a more direct way (in addition to the main way of continuing to reach your goals and become "healthy leaders" sparking others by talking to them or leading by example).

I hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


Chris "SparkGuy" Downie


Chris (SparkGuy)

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