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Introducing Phoenix! Custom Built for Student Progression

€95,000,000+ Pledges & Counting!
It has been an incredible week! €95,000,000+ in pledges. You are not alone in believing the future is bright for Shaw Academy and that we will change education, forever.
In recent years, we have used many different industry leading webinar platforms for delivering education, and in 2016, due to our incredible growth, we realised there was no such technology on the market to manage the sheer number of Shaw Academy students attending webinars.
We wanted to teach at scale and still give our students a truly personalised experience, so we built our own.
We called it Phoenix.
New York Business Journal
"The creation of Phoenix is a very exciting development at Shaw Academy. We now have our own scalable live educational platform that is continually improving itself. It allows us to further personalise and enhance the learning experience to our students, whose goals, dreams and aspirations are our number one priority. Our continued growth will mean that by the end of 2017 we will be teaching two million new students every month. Phoenix allows us to show true innovation in the delivery of education, teach millions of new students, and continue to drive down the cost of education."
James Egan, CEO & Co-Founder, Shaw Academy
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We have defined and refined our processes. We have built technology that we can not only scale on but that enables us to change the face of education as we know it. There is a bright future in education, we see it, our students see it, and we hope you see it too. This is just another reason to invest in Shaw Academy.
We go live with the Official Investment Campaign on September 25th, 2017.
Pre-Register your interest today!
Join our EdTech revolution.
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