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Mens Hair Replacement Systems IS Acceptable Vanity

By Paul Gray

Sometimes gentlemen are somewhat sheepish about pursuing treatment for baldness. Society tends to label them as somehow unmanly because they spent the time and money on a very expensive vanity. However, this is 2017 and perhaps it is time we stopped teasing them about mens hair replacement systems.

Let women be experiencing this same sort of hair loss, and they will line up their in droves with their husbands credit card. Somehow the vanity of a woman rarely gets criticized, even when she gets a man to pay for it for her. Perhaps, gentlemen, it is time to bankroll your own self improvement and self esteem programs and let the women fend for themselves.

Many men simply deal with the gradual backward slide of their hairline by shaving it all off to get it over with. This is a great look for many guys, and women are all about the bald thing most of the time. However, there are some strange heads in this world, and some of them should possibly never be exposed to full oxygen or sunlight due to unknown potential risks.

Thankfully there are better methods for men now than a toupee. Those old rat-bag headpieces were always terrible, even if they cost a good deal of money. It seemed that society picked fun at male vanity so hard that toupee companies created these wigs as a part of a joke that everyone seemed to be in on except the men who actually wore them.

Spray-on bald spot covering was probably only useful for a random date or job interview. It tended to run much like makeup does when one sweats, and as we all know, men sweat. As such, a man would have had to keep a moist cloth on hand always, and be prepared to respray when necessary if he intended to keep the existence of his little shiny spot a secret.

Guys now have Rogaine available before the backward slide, and for those who will pay, follicle transplantation will fix them right up. While the Rogaine has an excellent reputation for preserving the natural hair follicles as long as possible, once male pattern baldness is identified, those follicles are toast. Genetics rules the day, but a man in control of his own money can pretend his hair never moved out.

A little secret some people might not have realized is that even shaved bald men like to sport hair now and then. It is not yet a common thing, but some of those dudes wear a wig when they go out. Hey, a wig is a very inexpensive alternative to hours and hours, and thousands of dollars spent laying in the hair doctor seat while he does microsurgery.

One factoid that truly annoys is that, on many occasions, and in many salons, there are more women getting follicle transplantation than men. Now, less than a quarter of the total pattern baldness sufferers are women, so it seems there should never be way more femmes in the joint. Guys, spend some cash on your own good looks and make your girl get a job if she cannot save up on her allowance.

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