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Re: Is your Data safe from virus attack? ONC Certified #1 cloud EHR

Att: Doctor of Chiropractic*

Is your Data safe from virus attack? ONC Certified #1 cloud EHR

Discover #1 EHR software in Chiropractic* as Voted by ValuePenguin (unbiased independent reviewer). Starts as low as ninety nine dollars a month. 

Here are just some of the Amazing features you will love with this ONC certified cloud-based software. 

* Simple, intuitive design (chiropractor designed)
* Supports TOUCH so you can use it on a tablet
* Billing (paper or electronic)
* Scheduling with Appointment Reminders (voice, text or email)
* SOAP Notes (fully customizable)
* Integrated Payments (including scheduled and recurring payments for Care Plans)
* Reconcile (fast and easy)
* Patient Kiosk with customizable intake questions
* Self Check-in
* Supports Multiple Locations (no crazy networking or VPN required... it "just works")
* Patient Flow (digital rooms to know where your patients are at)
* Reports
* Digital Annotation Toosl (George's line, Cobb's angle, disc plane, ilium analysis and much more)
* Document Uploading
* Patient Alerts
* Task Management with user assignment (replace your post-it notes forever)
* 24/7 Cloud Access
* 24/7 Data Backup and all software updates
* Mac PC or tablet and use on unlimited computers

Includes Live Training and access to our training materials 24/7.

Once you have watched the video demo in the website you also have the option to take a personal demo at no cost by a specialist.

5/5 star reviews across the board. Hundreds of satisfied customer reviews in the website.

In good health.

Kim Mckenzie
CS EHR Chiropractic Software Team 
Davenport, IA 

* Perfect solution for Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Naturopaths, and Acupuncturists. Globally accepted.

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