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Why You Should Eat Sustainable Fish

By Sarah Cole

Protein is an essential nutrient that contributes to a healthy lifestyle of any human being. Many nutritionists advise individuals to include fish regularly in their menu due to its high protein content. However, the demand for the commodity has led to the near extinction of former abundant fish reserves. By going through this piece, you get to understand why it is advisable to eat sustainable fish and how to identify them.

Much of fish available from our markets or food stalls are mainly sourced from the ocean. Our oceans and seas have an abundance of fish resources. However, not all species of fish are doing well as some are on the brink of extinction. The changing climate and damaging fishing methods are the main contributors for this sorry situation. As a result, it is important for fishers to distinguish the endangered from the abundant.

The sustainable seafood movement first began in the late twentieth century where fisheries observed that certain species of fishes were dwindling in numbers. In a bid to counter this problem, some regulations governing the methods of fishing have been enacted to limit damaging fishing techniques. With these policies in place, ocean and freshwater ecosystems can replenish in time to evade extinction.

It is necessary that consumers understand the need to protect these reserves to avoid having to cross fishes off the menu in future. Fish harvesters are now receiving guidance on the appropriate ways of harvesting fishes. Practices such as trawling, gill netting and seining are highly discouraged. Failure to comply with the relevant law will result in a penalty and a revocation of the license.

Many stakeholders are now rearing fishes in private firms to supplement the high demand for this source of protein. In these aquariums, the species are fed every day and kept in favorable conditions that allow them to breed faster. This practice goes a long way in protecting reserves of species such as tuna, cod, and salmon that have been overfished in oceans and seas.

Another popular way of creating awareness is through sustainability ratings. This is where all the varieties of fishes are given a rating which acts a gauge to how well they are doing in the world. Green is a sign of abundance while red is a symbol of vulnerability. Eco labeling leads to consumers making better decisions by easily identifying sustainable seafood.

When going about your shopping, there are a few things you need to have in mind to boost your knowledge on sustainable marine products. A common fishes buying tip is to shun purchasing from overfished stocks. Prioritize fishes caught through environmentally friendly techniques that limit damage to the ocean bed. Consider sourcing your products from private ponds. Check all labels to ensure you are not purchasing vulnerable species.

Fishes vendors are advised not to stock vulnerable fishes species on their stalls. Selling undersized marine products that are yet to reach maturity and reproductive age is illegal. Vendors should properly label their products. Where wild fishes are on sale, the label should indicate whether the seafood is responsibly harvested.

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