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A Belt Problem...Or Is It?
Week of 10/05/2017 - Featured Blog Post
A Belt Problem...Or Is It?

Last night I was tired, to the point of being asleep by 7 p.m. My boyfriend got all of my uniform things together for work when the laundry was done last night, because he is the best. This morning when I got to work, I took a shower, then proceeded to get dressed. That's when I found out he never packed my belt!

This should never technically be a real problem (they are EMS pants and don't fit like normal jeans do) but I tend to use my belt not to keep my pants up like normal people, but to keep my pants buttoned. Even standing up I'm generally busting out of them. This was going to be a problem as far as I was concerned.

I put on my pants and hoped for the best, ensuring myself that at 8 a.m. a store opened and I could go buy a belt. I went into the crew room, bent over to put my socks on, walked some more, sat in a chair- did all of these things and guess what?! My pants have not unbuttoned once. After I got over the astonishment I noticed a few other things, like the fact that I can put both of my hands in the pockets at the same time. There were times I remember not being able to stick a piece of paper in the pocket.

Things may not be going as fast as I'd hoped, but honestly, they are still going and that is all that matters. I'm so excited to be on this journey again and making changes.

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