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Important Information On Insulin Resistance Reverse

By Debra Fox

Actually, insulin is a form of energy hormone released as a result of pancreas activity that is responsible in balancing blood sugar levels. Its main work is turn stored sugars into glucose which is oxidized to release energy. If the body does not allow the hormone to function properly, then blood sugar levels increase and rise and may end up affecting the kidney normal functioning. Entirely, these sugars are not supposed to reach the kidney. When not mitigated in early stages it can result to diabetes of the second type. However, insulin resistance reverse is a mechanism put in place so as to have this condition curbed and dealt with as early as possible.

The most common test carried out to determine the ineffective use of the hormone is a blood test. Elevated levels of sugar is an indicator of the body opposition to the hormone. An oral test is also an alternative that can be done but will rarely be effective. A more efficient but costly test is the clamp test that is done to evaluate how responsive the body is to the hormone and the rate of glucose metabolism.

There are no early symptoms when that indicate resistivity to the hormone. People may have the condition for a number of years without realizing. However, symptoms may appear as a result of the secondary effects. The symptoms include dark skin patches, especially on the neck, elbows, knees, and knuckles. When it develops to diabetes, one may experience frequent urination, feeling of thirst, hunger and prolonged fatigue.

This condition does not have proved cause but certain factors are believed to have a contributing effect to the condition. Such contributing factors include overweight. This is because it comes with large fat deposits which at times make this hormone unproductive. Failure of undertaking physical activities is also linked to contributing the condition. When they are undertaken, stored fats and sugars are converted into glucose and oxidized to produce energy.

It has been shown that resistance to insulin can be reversed. This can be done through physical exercise and weight loss which eventually helps the cell responses to the hormone produced. The reduction of calorie intake vital in increasing the sensitivity to hormone and, therefore, enhance the metabolism of sugar. Prescribed medications such as metformin aid in reducing the output of glucose reducing levels of glucose absorbed into the bloodstream.

Eating foods in a manner that balances the amount of blood sugar are also vital as it reduces inflammation. It also boosts liver detoxification. Metformin is a medication can be prescribed bed reduce sugar levels. Regular eating habits should be adopted in order to avoid skipping important meals. Meals should be taken in considerable portions.

In most cases, one should avoid foods that have a lot of sugar. Carbohydrates should also be taken in limited amounts. There should be an inclination to dairy products, fiber food, and proteins.

Many ways to lower levels of this hormone in order to prevent insulin resistance are natural and can be undertaken as a preventative measure rather than a treatment measure. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid complications that arise from poor eating habits and other factors related to high blood sugar.

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