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Laser Hair Removal Boca Raton For Women - A Permanent And Painless Solution

By Elizabeth Powell

Laser Hair Removal for women is among the top options to permanently free yourself of excessive body hair. Gone are the days where you will need to regularly shave fast growing unwanted hair or torment yourself in every waxing session. Despite being expensive, more and more people are choosing laser hair Removal Boca Raton solution due to its high percent effectiveness of eliminating unwanted hair forever.

How does a Heat Follicle Expulsion for process women Work? Removing unwanted follicle by heat involves epilation. This principle uses the heat light to target not just the surface body follicle but the follicle roots too. This way, the heat light destroys the follicle which then restrains the follicle from growing again.

What is Heat Follicle Expulsion Anyway? Heat follicle expulsion is when the follicle on a person's face and body is removed -usually permanently- using intense pulses of light set at a particular wavelength. This heat pulse targets the melanin -or pigment- in the follicle shaft, and damaging it by heating the follicle so that the follicle doesn't grow back. If the person's skin color is notably lighter than their follicle, the skin in the area where the light pulse was targeted won't heat up.

Permanent heat follicle expulsion treatment won't take with some people, but on those who do, you can be pretty sure that the follicle in that area won't grow back. That's why they call it PERMANENT heat follicle expulsion. This form of follicle expulsion is reliable, although it's usually considered to be less reliable than electrolysis, which uses a slight electric jolt to destroy the follicle shaft, rather than an intense beam of heat light.

Compared to electrolysis though, permanent heat follicle expulsion is a lot less painful. Like electrolysis though, so that you can make sure that the area that you want to be treated will remain permanently follicle-free, you'll have to go back for multiple sessions over the course of a few weeks or months, so that any follicle strands in their "resting" phase can be removed as they come out of that phase and begin growing again.

Who Are the Best Kinds of Candidates for Heat Follicle Expulsion? Since the heat beam targets the dark pigment in the follicle shaft, people with very dark, coarse follicle and light skin are usually the best candidates. Depending on the kind of heat being used, darker-skinned individuals usually tend to also end up with the discolored skin around the treated area, since the light won't be able to target their follicle as well as it would with a stronger contrast between dark follicle and light skin.

Advantages and Disadvantages of heat follicle expulsion for women- Still, there are lots of advantages of using heat procedure. For one, it's simple and faster way of cleaning up follicle on large areas of the body. In addition, you can spare yourself from the hassle of regularly shaving or waxing and even accidental bumps and cuts when you are shaving.

If there are advantages, there are also disadvantages of undergoing a heat procedure. Side effects for women with sensitive skin are prone to scabbing, swelling and redness. This is why it is important to choose a reputable facility since they conduct compatibility tests first before starting the procedure. Heat follicle expulsion for women may be an expensive choice, but with its effective result, every cent will be worth it.

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