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Lessons Learned From Nature
Week of 10/26/2017 - Featured Blog Post
Lessons Learned From Nature

I participated in a 5K at an Arboretum on Sunday. It was a crisp, fall morning, quite the change from the hot, humid weather we had during the half marathon the week before! After I crossed the finish line, I kept running to the other side of the Arboretum, away from the crowds and the music, for three more miles. It was just me, the trees, the river, the sun and the breeze. It was magical and brought back the lessons learned that I will take with me through this hectic week.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

Nothing good will come of me bouncing back and forth between tasks. I do have the time to slow down a bit and focus despite my complaints to the contrary. Less anxiety will be the result.

There is strength in adversity.

The trees I saw during my run have withstood countless winters and bad storms yet still stand strong and majestic! I can handle struggles.... long runs, difficult strength training sessions, tackling this aggravating project at work, knowing that I can become stronger as a result.

No matter how long the winter, spring will always come.

As I ran by myself Sunday, I was reminded of my winter mantra, to become a caterpillar, go into my cocoon and work on myself... healthy food and indoor activity... to come out "beautiful" (healthy) and strong come spring and summer!

At the end of my solo run, I noticed three people crouched on the ground. I looked over as I passed them and saw they were watching a caterpillar inching it's way across the walk. I had a small laugh inside as I admired the beginnings of something beautiful.

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