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Some Advantages Of Ocean Conservation

By Donna Bennett

Poor lifestyle habits put us at a great risk of contracting illnesses. Taking simple practices as treating water before use helps stop chances of visiting a clinic. Because of the industrialization, many waste products are deposited into the oceans due to lack of knowledge about the risks, ignorance, and lack of land for disposal thus causing pollution. The contaminants get into the body systems upon drinking the plain water and through consumption of seafood. To prevent further risks, the article below will explain in detail about ocean conservation.

Human activities play the greatest role in damaging the marine. Many deposit waste into water bodies out of sheer ignorance of the rules and laziness to drop waste bins into the nearby dumping site. The nutrients deposited from the industries lead to overgrowth of aquatic plants that cover the water surface and suffocate the animals due to inadequate oxygen. The most endangered species are fish, whales and sea turtles.

Preservation process ensures traveling safety and maintains cleanliness of a beach. Smooth water surfaces help the ferries and boats to row smoothly. More often than not, the entire area near the ocean appears disgusting when there are segments covered by waste material like bags, metals, and plastics. The spectacular smoothness of the ocean that was earlier admired from a distance gradually fades.

Maintaining neatness in an large water mass protects against gastrointestinal complications, cancer and bone deformations. Chemicals contained in the contaminated water are causative agents of lameness, bone deformity, diarrhea, severe abdominal pains and mouth ulceration. Diarrhea is a rapid killer among children and the aged whose immune systems are underdeveloped and weak respectively.

Prevention is better than cure, and for that, this act is cost effective. Very little is used in the garbage disposal than in gathering the scattered waste and disposing of. The billions of shillings used to eliminate the effects of contaminants could be invested in the expansion of industries for example pharmaceutical industries and in setting up more hotels near the beach, an investment which is highly productive.

Cleanliness in water bodies promotes the economic development of a concerned state. The shores are a tourist attraction for foreigners during summer and the money collected is used for to direct change in the underdeveloped areas. The agricultural sector relies on aquatic animals to feed the nation and export the surplus. In pharmaceutical companies, the production of medications is slow because contaminated water has to be thoroughly treated contrary to when water sources are safe. Unpolluted water sources indirectly increase production in these manufacturing centers because a water treatment process is short thus quick production.

There are many globally recognized environment conservation bodies. Care for the marine is on an individual level and they should, therefore, extend their knowledge to as many people as possible. Motivating the society to keep the marine in a safe and secure manner by recognizing those who are assisting majorly in marine conservation is an effective method of passing your message.

The nation should set strict rules about marine conservation. A heavy punishment should be given as a reminder of the need to maintain the neatness. Industry workers should be taught on how to recycle runoff water that is rich in nutrients. It is only by keeping this water free from dirt that you can enjoy swimming and skiing.

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