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Tips On Permanent Hair Removal Georgia

By Scott Hall

Hair is a very prized possession for both men and women, and more so women. It is the asset that greatly contributes to beauty in individuals. Despite that, there is possibility that one might experience growth in areas that are not required and in the process become a nuisance. The parts affected include the back, upper lips and chin. When considering permanent hair removal Georgia residents can benefit from some tips. Two main methods are used.

Electrolysis is one such procedure. It is used to permanently remove hairs from the face or within the body. It is done through application of current into every hair follicle separately using a needle-shaped electrode. This will lead to destruction of hair follicles. Electrolysis will be done on every strand and will thus stop growth permanently. It can be done on the face, legs, eyebrows, breasts and abdomen among other parts.

Because of variability of growth of hairs, you will need to go for multiple sessions during the treatment period. This ensures you get the best results. It is however important to note that electrolysis does not guarantee 100 percent outcomes in all individuals. There are people who may experience 90 percent or so removal. Thus, when going for the procedure, this is something you should be prepared for. While some side effects may be experienced, they are never serious.

There are a number of benefits of using electrolysis as a procedure. First, it has been proven as effective and very safe. It is the only cosmetic procedure for permanent removal of hairs that has FDA approval. It is also effective for all types of skin and which is a major benefit. In addition to that, it does not come with any pain which is the case in for instance use of lasers.

The second technique involves using laser beams. It involves using a device that gets aimed at areas being treated. It produces laser beams that are able to destroy hairs from their roots. A number of sessions will be needed to have the hairs destroyed permanently. The number of sessions will depend on how successful the previous session was.

Before the procedures start, hairs around the areas being targeted will need to be well trimmed. A patient will also be given goggles in order to protect eyes from the effect of lasers. In order to minimize any discomfort, there will be application of topical anesthesia. There will then be passing of lasers into the follicles where hairs originate from. There is intense heat produced which damages follicles. While there may be some discomfort, it is reduced by gel that comes from the device being used.

After being done with removal, one may notice redness after a few hours or so. In order to minimize any discomfort, you will need to apply ice to areas that were treated. The use of steroid creams helps but should be done according to directions from the doctor.

After removal using lasers, one should avoid exposure to the sun. Even after the skin heals, you will need to use sunscreen whenever you are exposed to the sun. There may also be the shedding of hairs in the first few days or weeks after treatment.

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