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2 Tasty Ways to Use Your Turkey Leftovers!

Happy Thanksgiving!
You can enjoy delicious holiday foods and still lose weight when you follow The Mayo Clinic Diet. Learn healthy habits that will allow you to eat well and reach your goal weight. Get started with one week of the online program and a FREE cookbook today. Sign up now!
"Do you often wonder where your energy went? Here are three secrets to putting the energy back in your day: Get a good night's sleep. Eat a healthy diet to energize your day. And exercise."— Andrea L. Cheville, M.D.
Meals Made Easy
Turkey bean soup
Want to enjoy your turkey today, tomorrow — and the day after that? Swap in your leftovers in this turkey bean soup recipe, and you'll have easy, tasty meals readily available throughout the week. It's the perfect way to get your veggies in while enjoying comforting holiday flavors for days to come. Now that's something to be thankful for!
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Healthy Eating
Lunch leftovers: Turkey roll-up
Put the rest of that Thanksgiving turkey to good use by making these whole-wheat roll-ups. You'll love the savory-sweet flavor combination, and you probably already have most of the ingredients in your fridge. Perfect.

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Today's Fitness Tip
Interval training: Burn more calories
Have you tried interval training? It's simply alternating bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity. For instance, you might alternate leisurely walking with periods of faster walking. If you want more of a challenge, you could incorporate short bursts of jogging into your regular brisk walks. Go ahead, pick up the pace!


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