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Food and Peer Pressure: How to Handle Tricky Situations

"Not an exercise buff? That's OK. Walking to the mailbox, sweeping the floor, doing the laundry and vacuuming are all activities that burn calories."— Peggy J. Moreland, M.S., R.N., C.D.E.
Overcome Obstacles
Friends and family: How to deal with diet saboteurs
Who doesn't love catching up with family and friends over a meal during the weekend? Unfortunately, loved ones can unintentionally be a negative influence on your eating choices. To stay focused on your goals, you need to know how to manage negative influences in your social circles. Review these scenarios and make a plan for the next challenge a potential saboteur presents.
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Healthy Eating
Be a mindful eater this weekend
It's easy to consume extra calories without realizing it on the days that you spend more time at home. Keep unconscious munching in check and put mindful eating into practice with these ideas as you prepare and eat meals. It gets easier over time!

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Today's Exercise Tip
Low-cost fitness ideas
Staying in shape doesn't need to be expensive! The Mayo Clinic Diet Fitness Planner has lots of do-anywhere exercise ideas. Additionally, hand-held weights, stability balls and resistance bands are inexpensive, and many schools open their pools to the public for inexpensive lap swimming. You could also purchase used exercise equipment online, or split the cost of new exercise equipment with a friend.


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