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Organic Chebe Product And Trademark

By Donald Long

Don't be confused by the African chebe seed that women use for more beautiful hair. The organic Chebe product line offers bread and baking mixes to make great tasting, healthy food for you and your family. An added bonus to 'organic' and 'really good' is that the mixes are gluten-free. The basic ingredient of the products is manioc root, which is also known as yucca and cassava, and which gives us tapioca.

The founders of the Chebe brand emphasize that they began their company to introduce Americans to a delicious bread they encountered in Brazil. They soon learned that many, if not most, of their customers were searching for gluten-free substitutes for favorite but forbidden foods. Now the product line include mixes of many kinds, all based on manioc flour.

Manioc (yucca, cassava) is a root vegetable that was a primary food for the indigenous peoples of Brazil and surrounding areas. It can be bought as a tuberous root, with a tough, brown skin and a snow-white flesh. The root contains some toxins; native peoples washed the roots before making their flour and used the wash residue to poison their arrow tips. Most consumers will be far better off getting one of the popular mixes from the folks at Chebe, with everything needed to make breads and other baked goods.

To find Chebe products, look for the gluten-free section of your local grocery. You can also go online to the Chebe homepage and see all the mixes the company offers. The original bread mix is still popular, giving you a well-rounded loaf with pleasing texture and great taste.

Other mixes contain added ingredients, usually spices. Check the labels or the website to see if there is anything that you shouldn't have because of personal food sensitivities or allergies. Mixes are sold to make pizza crust, focaccia, cinnamon rolls, and breadsticks, to name a few.

For those who suffer from gluten-intolerance and who've given up baked goods and bread, these mixes are a godsend. Being gluten-free, they don't trigger the cramping, bloating, or intestinal discomfort that comes with eating wheat or other grain products. However, they offer a true bread taste that is rare among substitution foods.

Best of all, the mixes are super convenient and very affordable. Consumers know that many wheat alternatives are expensive and hard to work with. These mixes are easy to use, and the basic recipes easy to follow. Consumers have sent in many more, too, so look on the company homepage for new ideas. They are also great when relatives with food sensitivities visit; keep the mixes on hand for those special times over the holidays or for impromptu pizza parties. It's no fun when someone is left out of the great American pastime, eating!

Organic is great, too, so you know that the food you're making isn't tainted with pesticides, herbicides, storage chemicals, or genetically-modified organisms. While protecting your health, you will be supporting sustainable agricultural practices. This makes it healthier for farm workers, too, who are not always protected in third world countries. All in all, using these and other organically-certified products is a good way to live green and stay healthy.

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