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Silencing that Inner Voice
Week of 11/23/2017 - Featured Blog Post
Silencing that Inner Voice

Am I the only one who has an inner dingbat? I'm talking about that inner voice that often leads you to make less than optimal decisions? I like to call my inner voice a dingbat rather than a drill sergeant - because often times I'm aware of the bad decisions and nobody is forcing me to go along for the ride.

Yesterday, my inner dingbat was having a lot of fun at my expense. She smiled when I bought a packaged Rice Krispie square in our cafeteria and she practically cackled when I continued to eat it even after I told the entire staff room that is was simply "too sweet."

It was either at that point or at lunch when I reached for a chocolate muffin, err, cupcake that I muffled her and stuffed my face. I had just removed the covering over her mouth around suppertime when she blurted out, "Why are you eating your healthy leftovers when your husband offered to bring home pizza?" The worst part of that was that I listened to her whine!

Last night as I got ready for bed I had a long overdue talk with my inner dingbat (maybe I should name her?) and told her that just because I have let her into my life does not mean she can control me. She is quite fun at times but I think I've let her get too big for her pun intended!

Today is a new day and I've already thwarted "dingbat" by making arrangements to go for a walk right after lunch. I'm heading to the staff room soon with two mandarin oranges in hand. Two, you might ask? Well, one to eat and the other to lob at dingbat if she gets out of line!

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