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Food Safety News - December 27, 2017 Listeria Recall for Fresh Pac Apple Slices

Food Safety News

Listeria Recall for Fresh Pac Apple Slices

By News Desk

Detroit’s Fresh Pak Inc. Tuesday announced a lot specific recall of red/green apple slices. It’s supplier, Jack Brown Produce Inc., requested Fresh Pak Inc. conduct a recall for the reason that they could have potentially been contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly... Continue Reading

Smoked Salmon Recalled After Listeria Test

By News Desk

Nodine’s Smokehouse, Inc. of Torrington, Connecticut is recalling Smoked Salmon 1.5 lbs, 8 oz packages. Lot numbers 40173 and 33173 because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Consumption of food contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes can cause listeriosis, with high fever, severe headache, neck stiffness, and nausea as its primary symptoms. In... Continue Reading

FDA responds to OIG Recall Critique

By News Desk

In August 2016, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) found that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did not have an efficient and effective food recall initiation process that helps ensure the safety of the nation’s food supply. Specifically, FDA did not have policies and procedures to ensure that firms or responsible parties initiated voluntary... Continue Reading

JBS recalls beef stew products made in Cactus, TX

By News Desk

On Christmas Eve,  HEB grocery stores in San Antonio opened boxes of multi-vac packages of stew meat only to find them contaminated with pieces of plastic and metal.  HEB pulled all the stew meat from its shelves in all stores and to be sure locked any sales out of its registers. On Tuesday, the day... Continue Reading

State with biggest apple crop girds against more Listeria

By News Desk

Shaken by apple recalls back East for Listeria contamination, Washington State’s large apple industry has pinned its hopes for staying pathogen free on research. Ines Hanrahan, the post-harvest physiologist at the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission, told the Capital Press that studies currently underway should help the state apple industry get the maximum bacterial reduction.... Continue Reading

Paris prosecutors launch probe into dairy's Salmonella problem

By News Desk

Paris prosecutors with expertise in public health have launched an investigation into a salmonella outbreak associated with an international recall of baby milk sold by Lactalis, one of the world’s largest dairies based in western France. The baby milk recall is the largest since the melamine scandal rocked China a decade ago. Prosecutors are investigating... Continue Reading

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