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Holiday Crowd-Pleaser: Green Bean Casserole!

Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday and Beyond!
Why wait until Jan. 1 to commit to your weight-loss goals? We make it easy to dive right in. Get the advice and support you need to enjoy life and be healthy at the same time. Sign up now!
"Look for ways to work in daily exercise, such as by walking at your local mall or shopping center. Or try activities that you can do at home, such as stretching or doing leg or arm lifts while watching TV or listening to music."— Peggy J. Moreland, M.S., R.N.
Healthy Recipe
Green bean casserole
Need an easy, delicious dish to add to your holiday menu? You can't go wrong with this green bean casserole recipe. Not only is this classic favorite bursting with flavor, but at only 70 calories a serving, you can have second helpings — guilt-free!
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Keep Moving
Stay active this holiday season
Holidays are festive — and hectic — times. Between family gatherings, shopping trips and decorating, it can be hard to squeeze in a workout. Yet it's important to keep physical activity on your daily to-do list during this fun — and often trying — time of year. Here's how.

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Today's Healthy-Cooking Tip
Reduce sugar in baked goods
Go on, have a sugar cookie (or two) this holiday season! Just try using less sugar to reduce the total calories. In most baked goods, you can leave out one-third to one-half the sugar listed in the recipe without affecting texture or taste.


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