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Would Your 2016 Self Be Proud of You? Weekly Spark
With the last present unwrapped, we're thinking ahead to 2018. When the glitter dust settles and the last champagne cork has been popped this New Year's Eve, what will you be envisioning your 2018 self as?
Health Goals We Hate
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Okay, maybe hate is a strong word, but if success is your mission (which, obviously, it should be) there are certain goals that do more harm than good. From being too ambitious to too vague, there is power in wording your weight-loss, fitness and nutrition goals in just the right way to ensure you stay motivated and don't get discouraged on day three. Before you set your sights on a specific idea, check out these nine health goals Coach Jen says are a no-no.
Join the Resistance
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Travel enthusiasts who love hotel workouts, minimalist home exercisers and bodyweight workout warriors, the resistance band is about to become your new best friend Compact and versatile, this piece of equipment often gets overlooked on the overcrowded weight room floor, but we think you should take a second look. But don't just take our word—check out eight trainers who are sharing their favorite muscle-sculpting, body-burning resistance bands moves and become a believer.
Get In My Belly
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Pizza, potato chips, cheesecake—whether they remind you of a simpler time, a grandma that always asked why you didn't have any meat on your bones while piling pasta on your already full plate, or you just really, really like cheese, comfort foods have the power to turn a bad day into a delicious one. But when you're on the weight-loss wagon, you might feel like you have to say bye-bye to those dishes for good. Not exactly. To prove it, we asked our staff for their favorite comfort foods and found healthy swaps you can add to your recipe Rolodex.
This Is Your Year
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Why not start 2018 a few feet ahead of the starting line? With SparkPeople's Premium features—including coach-led workout routines, access to ask coaches health and fitness questions, and advanced wellness reporting options—you'll be ahead of the pack before the gun even sounds. Next year, work smarter, not harder.
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Gifts That Give Back
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Tomorrow's Success Starts Today
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Steps to Take Before You Lose
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