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How to Lose 100 Pounds or More

It might sound like an impossible goal, but it's possible. We explain how to do it and how to keep the weight off.
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How to Lose 100 Pounds or More
It might sound like an impossible goal, but it's possible. We explain how to do it and how to keep the weight off.
Here's How and Why People Use Steroids
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About How Many Grapes Does It Take to Make a Bottle of Wine?
Common Dog Behavior Problems Explained
Is Dementia the Same as Alzheimer's?

Best Ways to De-Stress and Get Fit

These exercise, diet, and lifestyle tips are in line with helping you lose weight -- and they can boost your mood to boot.
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  Weight Loss Wisdom
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Eat Like an Okinawan?
The region's traditional diet is high in vegetables and low in calories -- and take a look at the benefits.
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Indulging With Diabetes
Special occasions taunt you with their dessert tables and cocktail lists. We share 6 tips to help.
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Secrets to Making Real Changes
Whether you want to exercise more or eat less, these tips can help you stick to your goals.

Food Safety News - January 12, 2017 Tupperware recalls seasoning; Salmonella risk from milk plant

Food Safety News

Tupperware recalls seasoning; Salmonella risk from milk plant

By News Desk

People who bought Tupperware brand chipotle seasoning mix after Aug. 2, 2016, are urged not to use it because of potential Salmonella contamination from a powdered milk ingredient. Tupperware U.S. Inc. of Orlando, FL, posted the recall with the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday, joining almost 20 other companies that have recalled foods because of... Continue Reading

Dairy industry seeks Trump's help with Canada under NAFTA

By News Desk

U.S. dairy organizations and the state departments of agriculture across the country turned to President-elect Donald Trump Wednesday to combat Canada's existing and soon-to-be-expanded protectionist policies designed to block imports from the United States. They say the policies are in direct violation of Canada's trade commitments under the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) and the... Continue Reading

Chipotle still seeking food safety; Ells says 'esoteric' plan failed

By Coral Beach

Repeating phrases they have been using for the past year, officials with Chipotle Mexican Grill this week announced food safety enhancements and dismal sales numbers. The news broke Monday that the Denver-based burrito chain would be installing new air purifying equipment and ice machine sanitizers in all of its existing 2,200 fast food restaurants and... Continue Reading

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Here's What Losing 30 Pounds Feels Like
Week of 01/12/2017 - Featured Blog Post
Here's What Losing 30 Pounds Feels Like

AWESOME! So I hit the 30 pounds gone milestone this week, and I have to say that it feels great. Some of the pluses of losing 30 pounds:

- My clothes fit better, and some are *gasp* too big now, forcing me to go shop for new clothes.
- Not only do my clothes fit better, but my shoes and rings fit better too, weird.
- Buying clothes is becoming more fun again.
- I have more energy and more stamina.
- My improved confidence has led to me getting back into dancing, a hobby I really enjoy.
- I can cross my legs comfortably while sitting in a chair, without feeling like my top leg is going to slip off.
- I crave healthy foods more often than unhealthy foods.
- I've discovered new ways to prepare veggies to mix things up.
- I can get up off the floor easier now.
- My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are back to normal.
- I make healthier choices, without feeling "cheated" in social settings.
- I'm starting 2017 already on the right path to success.

But the bottom line is that it just feels awesome. Now on to my next goals!

How does losing weight feel to you?

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Hello, I am new (updated not so new now!) to the site but not new to trying to loose weight. My top ...

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