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Food Safety News - July 20,=?UTF-8?B?IDIwMTcgTlNG4oCZcyBFeWVTdWNjZWVkIGJlY29tZXMgR2xhc3MgUGFydG5lcg==?=; refines safety focus

Food Safety News

NSF's EyeSucceed becomes Glass Partner; refines safety focus

By Coral Beach

Onsite inspections have long been a standard tool for food safety training and enforcement efforts, but wearable technology and augmented reality are combining to change that with Google Glass. EyeSucceed, a technology company focusing on food safety, is the latest Glass Partner, according to an announcement this morning from parent company NSF International. NSF's Tom... Continue Reading

Produce states get $30 million to help FDA enforce new rule

By News Desk

Forty-three states and territories are getting a total of $30.9 million from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help the federal agency implement the Food Safety Modernization Act’s Produce Safety Rule. "Congress envisioned the states and FDA working together as an integrated food safety system when it passed FSMA," said Barbara P. Glenn, CEO... Continue Reading

Raw oyster consumption continues, as do vibriosis outbreaks

By Kelsey M. Mackin

Since the beginning of June, Public Health Officials have investigated multiple reports of people developing vibriosis symptoms after consuming raw oysters at several restaurants and markets in Seattle-King County area. There are now 25 confirmed and probable victims who all experienced the watery diarrhea, abdominal cramping and vomiting of vibriosis, as reported by Public Health of Seattle-King County. “Environmental health inspectors conducted on site investigations to ensure... Continue Reading

Maryland confirms papayas contaminated with Salmonella

By Kelsey M. Mackin

The Maryland Department of Health is warning consumers to not eat Caribeña's brand yellow Maradol papayas because they could be contaminated with salmonella bacteria. The yellow papayas have been distributed to stores throughout the state of Maryland. State officials discovered the contamination in the course of an ongoing Salmonella case investigation, according to the June 19 warning from the... Continue Reading

Chipotle reopens as customers continue to report illnesses

By Coral Beach

The Chipotle Mexican Grill location in Virginia that was closed Monday after customer complaints of foodborne illnesses reopened in time for the lunch rush Wednesday with CEO Steve Ells saying he is confident in the safety of the chain's food. Loudoun County Health Director David Goodfriend did not include many specific details about the suspected... Continue Reading

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I remember when we would take long strides and sing to sweet tunes that got us so happy we would find ourselves lost in a mystical place where we would find a peace of mind. I could be difficult at times and can push you to the limit but I'm asking you to not give up on me. I have a lot to offer that will benefit your health as well as help you reach your weight loss goals. I only ask that you reconsider your commitment to me and understand that I only want the best for you. Now take some time if you need to but think long and hard about our relationship and how much we mean to each other. I know you'll make the right choice. I'm looking forward to meeting up with you real soon. Same place, same time."

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