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How to Get More Protein at Breakfast

Starting your day with protein may help you stay fuller longer -- and even help you lose weight. Here are 15 energizing breakfast ideas to try.
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How to Get More Protein at Breakfast
Starting your day with protein may help you stay fuller longer -- and even help you lose weight. Here are 15 energizing breakfast ideas to try.
These Conditions Can Harm Your Kidneys
Your kidneys help filter all the waste that builds up in your body, but certain health problems can keep them from working correctly.
Is Your Sex Drive Typical?
How often do most married people have sex? Is the stereotype about men wanting sex more often than women true? We have these answers and more.
How to Spot Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac
Here's what to watch out for, what the rash looks like, and what to do if you come in contact with these troublesome plants.
11 Scary Reasons You're Losing Weight Without Trying
If you lose more than 5% of your weight in 6 to 12 months, tell your doctor. It could be a sign of a serious health problem.
Why Your Eyes Are So Dry
Does it feel like you have sand in your eyes? Are they often irritated? Find out what causes dry eyes and what you can do to help keep them comfortable.

Food Safety News - July 27,=?UTF-8?B?IDIwMTcgR3JpbGxpbuKAmSBpbiB0aGUgQy1TdWl0ZSBhdCBDaGlwb3RsZQ==?=; second subpoena served up

Food Safety News

Grillin' in the C-Suite at Chipotle; second subpoena served up

By Coral Beach

Chicken isn't the only thing on the grill at Chipotle. Less than 24 hours after telling investors about their bright future, Chipotle Mexican Grill executives revealed that they have received another federal Grand Jury subpoena related to "company-wide food safety matters dating back to Jan. 1, 2013. Federal officers served the most recent subpoena on... Continue Reading

Supermarket fish tank sends man to hospital with vibriosis

By News Desk

For the second time in less than a year a fish tank in a grocery store is believed to be the source of infection in Seattle, this time requiring a man to be hospitalized. On Tuesday Seattle-King County Public Health reported that a King County resident who cut his hand while preparing fresh fish from a grocery... Continue Reading

EU to set acrylamide benchmarks in 2018: Don't burn the toast

By Dan Flynn

The European Union and the United States are taking different approaches to a fairly recently discovered chemical that's been in food as long as men and women have been cooking with fire. By 2018, Europe will likely be enforcing mandatory limits on acrylamide in food. In 2016 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration came out with non-binding... Continue Reading

Importer finally recalls papayas linked to deadly outbreak

By Coral Beach

A week after Maryland officials issued a public warning linking Caribeña  brand maradol papayas to a Salmonella outbreak, produce distributor Grande Produce LLC finally went public with a recall of the implicated fruit. In the company's recall notice, posted late Wednesday by the Food and Drug Administration, Grande Produce of San Juan, TX, reported it... Continue Reading

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Where Is the Sweet Spot?
Week of 07/27/2017 - Featured Blog Post
Where Is the Sweet Spot?

I've had three weigh-ins since my last blog. I had quite a bit to think about, since I am trying to maintain my weight loss. I see that some of my fellow maintainers have found the "sweet spot"- that point where the weight doesn't fluctuate very much. Makes me a bit jealous, as I can't seem to find it anywhere!

I know, I know, I'm not supposed to compare myself and my journey to anyone else, because everyone is working toward their goal and finds different ways to attain and maintain it. So I am proud of myself today because I am still weighing in every week and keeping an eye on my progress. I realized that while my weight fluctuates, I seem to be keeping it within a 3% range the majority of the time, and perhaps that is a good achievement.

While I'll still be on the lookout for the sweet spot, in the mean time I'll just keep busy maintaining the best I can.

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Back at My Happy Weight!

Sept. 14, 2016--Once again I'm updating, as since the last update in August, I have reached my happy...

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