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Eye Cancers and Their Warning Signs

You can get cancer anywhere in your eye and even on your eyelid. We explain the different types, describe their symptoms, and show you what they look like.
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Eye Cancers and Their Warning Signs
You can get cancer anywhere in your eye and even on your eyelid. We explain the different types, describe their symptoms, and show you what they look like.
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Food Safety News

Wyoming can't block free speech at private property lines

By Dan Flynn

Scott Skavdahl, the federal judge in Casper, WY, has to decide how to balance free speech and private property rights. That’s a task the U.S. District Court judge did not have to take up last year when he tossed out challenges to two Wyoming laws prohibiting trespassing on private land to collect data. “The ends,... Continue Reading

Publisher's Platform: She said, he said — we've been warned

By Bill Marler

Islamic State leaders are reportedly asking followers to carry out terror attacks by poisoning food in Western supermarkets. It’s not like poisoning our food has not happened before, and we certainly have been warned. In 2011 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned of infectious disease outbreaks caused by pathogens falling into the wrong hands and... Continue Reading

Officials: Misuse of cheese, dispenser caused botulism outbreak

By Coral Beach

As victims of botulism poisoning traced to gas station nacho cheese continue to deal with severe health problems four and a half months after becoming ill, California health officials are trying to decide whether to fine the gas station owner. The illnesses began in late April. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) began its... Continue Reading

Head of USDA's organic program steps down after 8 years

By News Desk

The USDA's National Organic Program will have new leadership as of October when Miles McEvoy steps down after eight years at the helm. McEvoy, who has been deputy administrator of the National Organic Program within USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service, announced his departure in a Sept. 10 letter he said he sent to the "organic community."... Continue Reading

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