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Food Safety News - 08/20/2018 More kratom recalled; health officials and enthusiasts still disagree on dangers

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More kratom recalled; health officials and enthusiasts still disagree on dangers

By News Desk on Aug 20, 2018 12:05 am

Zakah Life of Ankeny, IA, is the latest company to join those recalling kratom products after they tested positive for Salmonella, according to a company notice posted by the FDA. “The potential for contamination was noted after laboratory testing revealed the presence of Salmonella in some packages of Super Green Maeng Da Kratom powder, Red Powder Vein Bali Kratom powder,... Continue Reading

Hong Kong partially lifts food safety restrictions imposed after nuclear disaster

By News Desk on Aug 20, 2018 12:04 am

Food  from Japan to Hong Kong is now being imported under eased and  newly effective food safety protocols. According to the Hong Kong Center for Food Safety (CFS), the 7-year-old order in response to the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster was recently amended. The CFS is a unit of Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative... Continue Reading

UK-based researcher on tap to discuss consumer perceptions of lab meat

By News Desk on Aug 20, 2018 12:03 am

A researcher from a university in the United Kingdom is heading to the United States to speak at a conference on plant-based and clean meat. Chris Bryant works at the University of Bath and his research focuses on consumer acceptance of clean meat, also known as cultured meat or lab meat. He is scheduled to speak... Continue Reading

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Meatless Monday: Try These 7 Meal Ideas

"Do you often wonder where your energy went? Here are three simple secrets to energizing your day: Get a good night's sleep. Eat a healthy diet. And exercise."— Andrea L. Cheville, M.D.
Healthy Cooking
7 meatless meal ideas
Have you hopped on the meatless meals bandwagon? Here's why you should. Built around vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, eggs and grains, meatless meals offer many nutrients, including protein. Eating a variety of these foods throughout the day can give you all the essential amino acids — the building blocks of protein — that your body needs. So instead of focusing on meat as the center of your meal, think about the colorful and satisfying meals you can create by using vegetables and whole grains. Use these ideas to get started.
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Move More
Are you as active as you think?
You don't have to pound away on the treadmill to get adequate exercise. In fact, physical activity comes in many forms, including swimming laps, walking your dog and doing yardwork. Answer these questions to assess your overall activity level, and find out if you're moving enough throughout the day.

Take the quiz now »
Today's Healthy-Eating Tip
Drink your fruits and vegetables
Instead of reaching for fruit juice, turn whole fruits and vegetables into a nutritious, refreshing drink. Make a smoothie with plain, low-fat yogurt and your favorite frozen fruit. Or puree together a banana, berries, lemon, mint, ice and 2 cups of uncooked baby spinach. This green concoction may look unappealing at first, but it tastes delicious!


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