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Show Week 2 What You're Made Of Weekly Spark
Use this second week of 2018 to check in with yourself, consider all the firsts you've experienced so far, evaluate what made you feel great and figure out ways to accentuate and strengthen that great feeling. That feeling is what is going to carry you through on the good, the bad and the ugly days ahead.
Dietitians Reveal Top Tips
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You see the initials next to nutrition experts, but what can an R.D. really offer your personal journey to weight loss. The answer? So much. For many, a bad relationship with food (like Sid Vicious-Nancy bad relationship) is hiding behind their weight loss struggles. Turning to food for comfort or companionship results in midnight binges and Netflix marathons that end with your hand hitting the bottom of a once-full bag of chips. Registered dietitians can change all that. We've gathered seven of
Up for a Challenge?
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The excitement of the holiday season has officially been replaced with excitement about just who you can become in this fresh new year. So much potential! But where to begin? If you're starting from square one, it can be a challenge to focus in on what's really important. Many get overwhelmed or frustrated and quit before we've turned the calendar from January to February. But that won't happen to you because you've got our new 30-Day Secrets to Success Challenge from Jenny Craig to guide you! F
Hate, Hate, Hate, Loathe Entirely
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Raise your hand if you've ever silently glared at that perky person barely breaking a sweat and loving every step in your HIIT class. While some people can't imagine their day without a good workout, there are others who hate, hate exercise to their very core. If you're one of those people, motivating yourself to hit the gym can be a daily struggle. With the right mindset and some small tweaks, though, you, too, can become perky-HIIT-class person! Start by discovering our tips for overcoming fiv
Beginners, Click Here
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If you're brand new to SparkPeople, first of all congratulations on joining our community and taking the first step toward becoming your most excellent, most fit, most epic self! Now what's the second step? You know you want to lose weight, get healthier or be more accountable in your life, so it's time to start setting some goals. If you've got a goal, SparkPeople has the expert advice you need to get started on the right track. Wonderful, yes. Overwhelming sometimes? Also, yes. To point you in
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Alexa, Help Me Get Healthy
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A Word From SparkGuy
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