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This Is It! Weekly Spark
Spend some extra time on your 2018 goals this week. Taking time to reflect on what you want to gain, realistic steps you can take to get there and the mindset you'll need to overcome adversity along the way is the biggest difference in people who succeed and those who fail!
Shape Up Your Snacking Habit
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Mindless muncher, emotional eater, vending machine frequenter—which bad snacking habit are you guilty of committing? While much of the meal planning dialogue focuses in on the big three—breakfast, lunch and dinner—any real weight-loss warrior knows that there's power in a solid snacking habit, too. Learning how to control cravings, indulge strategically and build snacks into your day is a huge part of weight loss. Lucky for you, we developed a brand-new challenge that is all about improving the way you think about snacks. If you've got 30 days, we've got information that will change the way you eat.
Looking Beyond CrossFit
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Okay, so a guy probably isn't going to want to hit a dance exercise class entitled "Booty Boogie Down," but many fitness classes offer challenging circuits, plyometric moves that leave you breathless and strength training that will make muscles weep. Aside from CrossFit, though, most men are hesitant to consider a fitness class when planning their exercise routine. It might be time to reconsider, though. Reporter Greg Presto lays out four tips to use to successfully find fitness classes men can use to work toward achieving their ultimate goals.
We Need to Talk...
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No one likes having uncomfortable conversations, but bringing up weight loss and health is an especially touchy subject. When a loved one is struggling with their weight, it's normal to feel like you need to walk on eggshells to avoid hurt feelings or, worse, anger and resentment. What happens, though, when your concern grows, and you worry their weight could be threatening their life? We spoke with a clinical psychologist to get her tips on how to speak up in a kinder, more compassionate way.
7 Members Lose Weight With HMR
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Curious about HMR? Read what SparkPeople members had to say about their three-week trial.
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Giving Up Is Not an Option
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Goals > Resolutions
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Small Success Spotlight
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