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Yum! Berry Whole-Grain Coffee Cake

Stay On Track Over the Weekend
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"Feeling confident is important for success. One way to boost your confidence is to allow mistakes. Don't expect perfection. Instead, learn from your mistakes and forge ahead."— Kristin S. Vickers, Ph.D., L.P.
Healthy Recipe
Mixed berry whole-grain coffee cake
Will you be gathering with family or friends this weekend? This tasty, healthier version of coffee cake is the perfect side dish or dessert to serve guests. A serving is only 160 calories, and with wholesome ingredients — including a small amount of brown sugar as a sweetener — you can indulge guilt-free. So put the chocolate down and try a slice!
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Healthy Choices
Master healthy restaurant dining
Eating out is convenient, efficient and — let's face it — fun. By adopting some healthy habits, you can enjoy the experience without packing on extra pounds. Answer these questions to assess your dining choices and find solutions to your challenges.

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Today's Lifestyle Tip
Don't forget to enjoy yourself!
When setting goals, don't forget satisfaction. A study of people who maintained their weight after completing a weight-loss program found that satisfaction with the amount and quality of their daily activities was critical to their success.


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