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Facing Your Fears
Week of 04/12/2018 - Featured Blog Post
Facing Your Fears

Every Sunday evening for a month now, I've set my morning alarm for five-thirty. Every Monday morning for a month now, I've rolled out of bed earlier than I'd ever usually contemplate getting up, grabbed a protein snack, and headed out to the gym. I've worked hard through a resistance/weights class, and been at work by 8 a.m.

To be honest? It's become my favorite part of the week. I've come a long way from my first time, when I first arrived to try the class, and almost ran away. I start every morning with such invigoration and such a sense of achievement. It's not been that long, but I can already see and feel myself getting stronger, and it's possible for me to track my achievement.

I wish the class ran more than once a week. The instructor suggests we just take what we do and incorporate it into our weekly workout. Great! Except...

Is there anything more intimidating for a small, overweight woman than the weights section at the gym generally filled with fit, muscled men lifting a person's bodyweight? The thought of strolling on over there and doing my workout fills me with dread. The thought of them looking at me makes me feel like I'm an imposter before I'm even there. My next big goal is to conquer that fear. To be comfortable knowing that I belong in the weights section of the gym just as much as anyone else.

Facing your fears is usually more than a one-step process, I find. I'm on my way to standing up and saying 'me too, I am just as important as you are', but changing a lifetime's mindset doesn't happen overnight. With hard work - and with the support of everyone here - I know I'll get there. It might take some time. But that's okay.

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