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How to Become a More Patient Dieter Weekly Spark
Perfect Your Squat to Eliminate Pain

The squat is an essential move for strength training, but it's frustrating when knee pain gets in the way. Don't despair or let pain win--you can still get the benefits of this powerful move with a few small changes! Rather than eliminate it from your routine, discover these four easy tips which can help you squat without pain.

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From the desk of: Alicia Capetillo, Editor-in-Chief SparkPeople
What does it mean to be patient? To enjoy the journey and not focus all of your attention and anxiety on the end result? While it's easier said than done, patience is a virtue in all things in life, but especially in weight loss. Along the way, you will experience ups and downs, peaks and plateaus, so learning to ride out the storm and celebrate the highs can make the difference between success and quitting midway through. This week, spend a few minutes thinking about what you've learned thus far in your journey and the little ways in which your life has changed. A fresh perspective and moment to reflect will make all the difference if you've been feeling low, trust me.
Patience is a Virtue, Even While Dieting
It's hard to stay calm and keep working hard when you aren't seeing huge changes, especially when it comes to the scale. Don't let expectations or a lack of results test your will to continue. Registered dietitian Toby Amidor has solutions you need to stay on track with your goals without throwing in the towel.

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Healthy Groceries on a Budget
Groceries can take up a significant portion of your budget, so it's important to know where to look for the best deals. Is a big box store, online shopping or your local grocer the best place to find discounts? Experts and SparkPeople members share their tips to save you money next time you head to the store.

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Hit the Trail at Any Age
It happens every spring: temperatures rise and the great outdoors start calling our name. Yep--it's time to find a hiking trail. Hiking is one of our favorite ways to connect with nature while getting fit, and it's an activity you can do at any age. With smart planning and precautions, hikers of all ages can discover the wonders of the trail.

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Sandra's Small Success
5 Ingredients & Done!
It's Grilling Season

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