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What I've Achieved as a SparkPerson
Week of 04/05/2018 - Featured Blog Post
What I've Achieved as a SparkPerson

I am a SparkPerson. I set goals, I feel happy when I reach them, I try another approach when I don't achieve what I was after, and through choosing appropriate goals and sticking to them, I am healthier than I was before I became a SparkPerson.

As a SparkPerson, I learned that although I wanted to lose weight, this was not the most important change that I needed to improve my health. I focused on getting more sleep, read the advice of the sleep challenge team and its members, figured out what seemed to work for me, continue to keep the sleep routine in my "other goals" and now I sleep longer hours more of the time.

As a SparkPerson, I learned from tracking that I was not getting enough fiber in my diet and that all too often my food intake was low in protein, high in fat, and higher still in carbs. I focused on increasing fiber intake, joined the fiber team and studied the advice of the challenge and the members, figured out how I could best meet the fiber requirement, and now routinely check every day and adjust evening fiber to meet the requirement.

As a SparkPerson, I learned that actively working in the house or garden was not sufficient for keeping me physically fit. I reviewed many fitness tapes, found ones that were possible to do and fit them into my morning routine every day that I am physically able to do them. I track what I do and can sense the improvement in my balance and feel the improvement in my core muscles.

As a SparkPerson, I have learned how rewarding it is to receive feedback from other Sparkers. Sometimes I am amazed that some unknown (to me) person has liked something that I said or did or has commented on it. Usually I then become a detective to find out who read my SparkPage, what they say about themselves, and what teams they are on.

As a SparkPerson, I try to keep up with the teams I have joined, the friends I have made, and the topics that interest me. An important part of my day is responding to some of the people who interest or motivate me or contact me, providing feedback, motivation, or assistance in return if possible.

Because of my experience on SparkPeople, I am a healthier and more human person. I am more empathetic and responsive and accepting of people I meet because I have improved on these behaviors through focusing on communicating with Sparkers. I am more accepting of myself because I have a better understanding of myself and because Sparkers have been accepting of me. I eat a healthier diet, get more sleep, and know that I can accomplish what changes I want to make for myself through following the same process.

At this time, I have made two very important achievements. First, I have learned that although streaks are motivating, it is better to break a streak than to try to continue it when it is inappropriate for maintaining my health. My confidence in Spark and in myself improved as I learned to weigh information, figure out what worked best for me, and break a streak without feeling upset or giving up, knowing that if the streak was helpful, I could always restart it at a more appropriate time. Second, I learned that I can change my habits, my routines, and myself through patiently and persistently following appropriate goals to do so. These achievements have given me a lot more self-confidence.

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