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A Release, Not a Loss
Week of 05/24/2018 - Featured Blog Post
A Release, Not a Loss

I heard someone say a month or so ago that they released 10 pounds. I was like, "released?" What is that supposed to mean? Don't you mean lose? (Of course I said all of that in my head.)

But then the other day out of no where I had an ah-ha moment (as Oprah would say). It's like all these little things I've learned over time came together. I remember reading about how for some empathetic people, or even just people with a history of abuse, or something they may be struggling with, their weight is like a shield from the world. A barrier between them, their heart, and all the things that can/may hurt them. Their comfort blanket, I guess you could say. I also remember reading and watching documentaries about how we eat our emotions. We eat for comfort when we are sad, when we are mad, when we are frustrated, and even when we are excited. I also know that food can be an addiction. Just as some grab a cigarette, others grab something from the frig.

I can relate to all of the above.

I also know when we lose things, a lot of times we find them again. Or we at least want to. Whether keys, socks, a shoe.. we look and look until we've found it again. Or we're sad because we couldn't. I know for me, when I lose weight I am not looking to find it again. Neither am I sad that I have lost it.

So, if we put these things all together, as we are "releasing" weight on this journey to a healthier happier lifestyle, then we are also releasing the hurt and healing from negative habits we have put upon ourselves to cope with life as we know it. We are learning new ways to cope and live and love. We have not lost something, we have gained something. We are gaining trust and hope and healthier habits. I'm not just talking what we eat but how we handle our lives. We are learning to handle our lives instead of hiding under our comfort blankets. We're learning it's ok to come out and play, to live. It's ok to release and let go of all that has hurt you.

It is ok to set aside the weight you've been carrying all these years. The weight of what has happened to you, the weight of our emotions, the weight of addiction, is too much to bear. It is time to release it and to learn to walk in this world the way God intended us to. Free. It is time to free ourselves. Only we can let go, because we're the ones holding on.

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