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The Scale is Really Just a Number
Week of 05/31/2018 - Featured Blog Post
The Scale is Really Just a Number

Consistency. Showing up day after day after day. Wiggling your way through, finding an exercise and nutrition protocol that works for your life, in this season (not 5 or 10 years ago) and that you will do forever. The following pics show me in 2017 after being pretty disciplined with cardio, and about the time I began my journey (again) into lifting weights. However, this time, I'm consistent. The 2018 pic, I took this morning, mostly because I hate the scale. To be honest, there is very little difference in weight between the two. I fluctuate on the scale in terms of weight, but my body fat% consistently goes down. Slowly.

Finally, after establishing my tracking habit, I have dialed in my nutrition so that it is really helping me. This has been quite the experiment for someone who used to eat fast food two to three meals a day and now who, dare I say, sorta meal preps and measures stuff, and tracks every dang morsel. I've been tracking so long it's like brushing my teeth. I don't even think about it. And, nowadays, I typically have stuff pre-portioned or planned in advance for about 80% of the time.

To be honest, I beat myself up a lot! I often think to myself, if I would just bust my butt harder at the gym (I go 5 days/week), I'd be ripped. One of my favorite YouTube fitness sensations, Jen Heward, actually took five years to get the physique she has now. Considering I'm on year three of my most current leg of the fitness marathon, I've got a ways to go, and I'm down to hit the finish line. But, the finish line is just the start of a new thing for me, called living my dreams. For me, fitness has been more about proving to myself that I can be disciplined, that I can stick to something. That's why I am ok with a tiny transformation over time. I want the changes to last. I don't want to be fit for a reunion, a wedding or just for summer. I want to be fit for life.

If you can relate to any of what I said, I hope you'll start today by loving yourself enough to make a decision. That no matter how long it takes, you're worth every minute. I hope you will decide to dig into the murky depths of the why's behind numbing emotions with food, and heal that stuff. I hope you'll start where you are, forgive yourself for past mistakes, and know that they were just lessons to take with you moving forward. I hope you'll keep going, no matter what. And most of all, please don't let that metal box of doom talk any smack to ya, it's just a number. It doesn't measure consistency, effort, attitude, joy or love. It's just one little number to add to your database of numbers.

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Hi! I'm Theresa and I've been fat since I was 5 years old. As a teenager and well into my twenties...

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