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Frozen Wheatgrass Juice Is A Great Source Of Essential Nutrients

By Arthur Scott

People who are too busy or do not have the space to produce and process for themselves can can relax in the knowledge that excellent alternatives are available. Frozen wheatgrass juice is not only an amazing source of essential nutrients, its simplicity makes it really easy to consume regularly.

Described as a super-food, few other food sources contain such a high concentration of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes and fatty acids. All of these elements are necessary to support essential bodily functions and maintain health over the long term.

While the benefits of wheatgrass are becoming widely known, people can be put off by all the effort and sometimes hassle that one has to go to in order to produce sufficient quantities of juice. The simplicity and ease of handling of the frozen form of this product makes it so easy that making up a daily portion is really simple.

The method of freezing, however, is very important as a lot of the nutritional value can be lost through incorrect handling. Simply explained flash freezing is the process whereby a substance is frozen very quickly in order to prevent the formation of excess water. Done correctly it has the effect of locking in the nutrient value of the foodstuff being handled.

Tests have revealed that foodstuffs frozen by the flash freeze method are often superior in nutrient content to foodstuffs harvested freshly when compared in the same fashion. This occurs as fresh produce slowly deteriorates over the time taken to reach consumers whereas the goodness of the frozen variety is maintained at the point when flash freezing is completed.

It is worth locating a good supplier who actually do what they say or advertise they are going to do. Organic growers are preferable when and where available and those that make use of BPA free containers are recommended. When using proper insulated materials it is possible to maintain the state of a consignment for as long as five days.

Flash freezing fresh produce simply pauses the cellular activity within the tissues, however, the plant is still living. This is why it is so important to source from a reputable company that follows procedures. Cutting corners in any of the steps involved with storing and transport, results in substandard products that do not have the nutritive benefits claimed. A reliable producer will be more than willing to respond to queries regarding this or allow visitors to view their facilities.

Naturally consumers might be thinking to themselves that regular ordering and shipping could become quite expensive. Fortunately properly processed produce can remain frozen for up to a year. This means there are definite advantages and savings to be had by buying in bulk.

Frozen product availability make it possible to treat the body to the long list of nutritional, health and vitality benefits without having all the hassle.

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