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Sleeve Gastrectomy New York And What The Procedure Involves

By Douglas Howard

Gastric sleeve surgery is also referred to as sleeve gastrectomy. It is a restrictive procedure which is used to help in weight loss. It does restrict amount of food one is able to have, which is possible through reduction of quantities they can take at any given time. There will be the removal of large stomach portions. In consideration of sleeve gastrectomy New York residents ought to know what is involved.

The surgeon will create a small stomach known as a sleeve. This is usually done using a stapling device, with the removed portions being permanently gotten rid of. Size of the stomach gets reduced by seventy five percent. It is either done as one procedure or will be used as a first procedure before any other procedure is done. It can for instance be used before a gastric bypass.

Before the procedure, one is given general anesthetic that helps them to sleep. The procedure is done using a tiny camera known as a laparoscope which is placed within the stomach and allows the surgeon to see inside sections of the stomach. The surgeon makes 2 to 5 small cuts within the abdomen before passing the laparoscope and any other instruments needed for the surgery. They remove a large portion of the stomach, before the remaining portions are joined using surgical staples.

It is a procedure that is suitable for people that prefer weight loss surgery which will help in weight loss by restricting the amount of food they can have. In addition, it is a procedure that never interferes with food absorption. No foreign bodies will be left in the stomach. Weight loss will however happen more slowly as compared to if gastric bypass was used. In order to effectively lose weigh, there is an exercise and eating plan that should be followed.

There is possibility that BMI of a person could mean they are not to have other surgical procedures initially. In such instances, a surgeon could recommend that they first go for sleeve gastrectomy so that in future, they are able to go for any other procedures. One should talk to their surgeon about the procedure that will be most suited for them.

There are a number of advantages of the procedure. It will dramatically reduce intake of calories by the person. They will be able to eat normally while still wanting just small portions during meals. It is a procedure which leads to lots of weight loss over a short period. Food can also stay in the stomach for some time, meaning one will feel full even as food trickles out.

Just as what happens in any other surgical procedure, there are possible side effects and complications. It is thus important for one to know all possible complications before they go for treatment. Leakage of digestive contents is a possibility. It happens from the staple line and could lead to infections.

There is the possibility that there can be injuries to organs in the surroundings. The most affected organs are the intestines and sections of the stomach. For other people, there will be scarring that might lead to bowel blockage.

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