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Can You Lose 5 Kg In 1 Week? Expert Opinion

By James Hughes

Stories of people disappointed by their weight loss journey almost make it to feel like a con game. However, there are people who have achieved their goals in days. Some have cut weight for their wedding day while others have managed to put on that special dress for the date. But can you lose 5 kg in 1 week? Experts take on the question with suggestions that are poised to transform your life.

Consume a lot of protein in your breakfast. Breakfast is an expert hack when you need to lose weight because it takes way craving for food. It also provides enough energy to ensure that you complete your duties. Protein fills your body more compared to other food options and also takes time to be digested out of the stomach. You will therefore feel fuller throughout the day and end up consuming less.

Take water before you have your meals. The idea is to fill the stomach at least 30 minutes before you eat. You will not be too hungry when you get to the table. With reduced hunger, you eat less and feel full. This will also slow down digestion. Continue taking water throughout the day to cut the hunger pangs without eating calorie filled foods.

Take foods rich in soluble fiber. Fiber has been linked to incredible weight loss stories, especially those who wish to deal with fat that accumulates around the belly. You will pass stool more often. This reducing the time food takes in the body. As a result, less fat will be absorbed into the body. Some of the foods you can consume include avocados, apples, vegetables, lentils and pears, among others. You will find a variety of foods every season.

Tea and coffee will change your body metabolism. According to health experts, caffeine is responsible for an increase in body metabolism. Foods will be processed faster because the body requires energy. As a result, even the fats stored in body tissues will be processed. The high demand for energy will cause you to shed fat.

Do not be in a hurry when you eat. You will feel the need to eat more. However, when you take your time, you eat less because hunger disappears as soon as you bite a few spoons. Weight reducing hormones kick in because you feel full. Take time at the table and you will enjoy the fruits of less weight.

Take to the scale every day. This is a psychological technique and also helps you to monitor your progress. Should you find that your rate of loss is not satisfactory, you change your tactics. If it is satisfactory, you keep it up.

Weight loss requires relaxation. Stress, fatigue and discomfort cause people to eat more. This means that the body has more calories to generate fat. Relaxing leaves you requiring less energy. You will not have the appetite to eat too much. Further develop a personalized plan that is informed by your needs. It ensures that you lose fat wherever you want and at the rate you wish.

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